Drone Pilot Training

Telangana State Aviation Academy (TSAA) is a Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) approved RPA Pilot training organization, we offer comprehensive, interactive 5-day drone training curriculum for students aspiring their career as drone pilots.

TSAA now offers Drone Pilot Training and a Drone Pilot Certification.”.

Telangana Aviation Academy is one of only a handful few Flight Training Organizations endorsed by the DGCA to formally run Drone Pilot Training Programs according to the recommended educational plan.

Our preparation educational plan is planned according to DGCA rules, our pilot instructional class incorporates hypothetical, reenactment practices and viable flying, which gives 360-degree broad information in working robots securely and successfully.

We teach students all about airspace, safety and how to operate drones efficiently, giving our students an interesting and valuable insight into drones and their operations. We also offer customized RPA pilot training courses for enterprise clients, government bodies, law enforcement agencies, and corporates.

Our qualified commercial drone pilots impart their knowledge and operational experience to students, where students are trained to fly drones professionally adhering to all standard operating procedures and handling any emergency situations.

After the completion of the training, students will be awarded a training certificate and a DGCA approved drone pilot certification.


Drone Survey and Mapping


Site Assessments

Aerial Photography


Drone Assembly & Repair


Drone’s are progressively turning out to be important for our life. drones, other than diversion and pastime fields are broadly utilized for business exercises like mining, metropolitan planning, resource assessment, horticulture, a calamity the board, law authorization, and so forth

Taking a gander at the financial advantages which robots can offer, Govt. of India chose to permit the flying of drones in India. DGCA which is under the Civil Aviation service is the controller for everything identified with drones as they are the overseers of regular citizen air space.

DGCA has thought of a bunch of extensive guidelines which should be submitted to and compulsory specialized preparing ability which should be obtained to fly a drone in India. Rules are like the situation of a Commercial Pilot who gets prepared and guaranteed by DGCA to fly a business or interest Aircraft.

DGCA has thought of a compulsory preparing educational plan for drone pilot preparing which should be granted by supported Flight Training Organizations like Telangana Aviation Academy. Telangana Aviation Academy has required master teachers and framework of drones and test systems to give a-list drone pilot preparation to the learners.

On Successful consummation of the preparation, a drone pilot testament is granted which is a lawful and obligatory authentication needed to fly a drone in India.



The Government of India is outlining strategies and guidelines around the utilization of robots for business and social purposes.

There is an immense number of chances accessible in the Indian market and around the world. Occupations in the robot business involve Asset review, Drone film studio, Drone reconnaissance, police work, Drone occupations in development, Drone-based photography, Package conveyance drone pilot occupations, etc. There are a great many positions springing up and will keep on doing as such later on.

The utilization of robots has been distinguished and demonstrated in different regions like reconnaissance, store network, clinical, salvage tasks, airforce, land, camera administrators, media, accuracy horticulture, and law requirement among others. Inferable from an extraordinary expansion in business use instances of robots, a developing number of enterprises are presently utilizing drones.

Operating Area

We currently operate in the Brooklyn area. Businesses outside of a 20 mile radius may require travel expenses. Please contact for more details.

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