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Drones in agriculture are quite helpful to optimize agricultural operations, increase crop production, and monitor crop growth. Sensors and digital imaging capabilities in drones give farmers a clear picture of their fields. This bird’s-eye view we offer to farmers using drones reveals many issues such as irrigation problems, soil variation, and any pest and fungal infections to the crop.

Our agricultural drones serve the whole purpose of farmers in soil and field analysis, seed planting, crop spraying, crop mapping & surveying, irrigation monitoring, and real-time livestock monitoring. High-tech drones allow farmers and drone pilots that operate them to increase efficiency in various aspects of farming. Drone technology is transforming the ways of agriculture and farm doing.


A delivery drone takes autonomy to transport packages, medicine, food, or any other goods. Different drones are defined with their capability to carry respective loads and supply at the destined location. Drones are being used for delivering time-sensitive items such as medicines, or deliverables that would be difficult with traditional vehicle-based services. These delivery drones are autonomous or remotely controlled through a ground control station.

Our drone delivery services perform commercial operations in low-risk, controlled environments. Flying in-between buildings, high above the traffic, to unreachable terrains in circumstances of natural calamities to serve the deliverables is possible using drones. Delivery drones have the potential to change last-mile delivery economics for smaller and lighter packages as they could replace many deliveries that are currently made by traditional delivery vehicles.


Drones are capable of organizing and implementing complex operations in an organization. They can make the inventory in the warehouse, transport goods by air, and even offer surveillance in the transportation of heavy machinery or deliverables within and outside industries. Some companies have begun testing to use drones in distribution of products to the end customer.

Our drones used in logistics fly on the remote control and can even take autonomous flight. They track assets or resources in the industry and store the timely updated statistic data. The commercial future of drones has a high potential in the logistics industry. By drone technology in logistics, shipping & operational costs are reduces, delivery speed is high and a hassle-free return can be possible.

Humanitarian Aid

The UAV’s are used to transport medicines and vaccines, and retrieve medical samples, into and out of remote or inaccessible regions in case of emergencies or natural calamities. The use of drones in humanitarian aid is a rapidly emerging field right now. They capture images of disaster-struck areas and assess the damage done.

Our humanitarian aid drone services get aerial views of disaster areas for rescue and recovery operations. We have a skilled drone pilot team to do the task effectively. Aspects such as mapping, monitoring, and damage assessments to delivering items to remote or inaccessible locations are crucial development of this field. Drones prevent the risk by spotting the exact location where humanitarian aid workers can provide their help.


The difference between a victory and a defeat often becomes indecisive for a coach in sports. In such a case, drones come to rescue in providing exactness. They are used in collecting data and record statistics in the sports leagues. Also broadcasting live happening of racing sports cannot be shot using normal cameras.

We serve the purpose through our drones with the action being conducted out by our expert members. Typically, our drones capture taped and live flyover footage. From football to soccer every sport has intricate tactics and moves that differ between winning and losing the game. Drones help in recording the sessions and enable coaches to see things in a perspective to define the winners and losers of the sport.

Drone Cinematography

UAV’s have also made way into the media and entertainment industry. They allow filmmakers to capture shots that are impossible, extremely difficult, or costly to capture. These drones essentially provide a level of camera motion freedom that was so far available only in animation. Drones serve as cheaper and safer alternatives for some helicopter shots in filmmaking. They are allowing filmmakers and videography enthusiasts to get more creative with new products.

We introduced drone services into cinematography that could pull off sweeping shots, high and wide-angle shots which were pretty difficult earlier. With cameras on top, drones have extended horizons for filmmakers and cinematographers. With nothing but a flying device called a drone, the capturing range flew from breaking through the clouds, zooming into landscapes, and a straight-down view of Earth, like never before are offered to the world of filmmaking.

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