Our Aerial Equipment

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Pipeline Inspection

Thousands of miles of pipelines stretch that carry oil and gas from wells to refineries. Any leak due to corrosion constitutes to significant risk. Pipeline inspecting is a necessity that is challenging, time-consuming, and expensive for oil & gas companies. Not only is a leak potentially catastrophic to the environment, but it can cost heavy to remediate and takes years to clean up.

So, instead of relying on ground crews, all these work can be done at an ease using the drones at no risk. Our drone services help companies to monitor pipelines, detect leaks early through efficient inspection. A UAV helps map extensive pipeline networks to protect the environment and keep the client inspection and remediation costs down.

Powerline Inspection

Powerline inspections are expensive and time-consuming affair. Rural powerlines in remote areas are tough to inspect due to the rough terrain which makes it nearly impossible to walk or drive. hence, most utility companies opt for helicopter-based powerline inspection which is noisy, ecologically unsustainable, and expensive. Drones that serve the same purpose of inspection are lightweight, portable, and easy to deploy help to quickly inspect the powerlines, and provide tangible results.

Our drone services are quieter, cleaner, and a budget-friendly option to effectively inspect the powerlines. It helps to collect data for identifying and mitigating the risks in power distribution and greatly reduces man-hours and costs. These UAVs are widely adopted by energy and utility companies for a variety of applications.

Solar Panels Inspection

Drones are integral assets for examining sun based boards gathering multiple times more and quicker information than manual strategies. These UAVs increment the information quality and amount, diminish costs, and unsafe man­hours subsequently improving wellbeing, exactness, and effectiveness on sun-powered ventures. Drones recognize harm and support issues while keeping up photographic proof.

We highlight drones with warm imaging payloads and permit administrators to perform full sunlight based ranch activity very quickly. A warm camera can help recognize breaks, producing abandons, flawed interconnectors, inadequate detour diodes, and transitory shadowing. They support group productivity by sharing significant guides and information layers with administrators to determine site issues quicker. They decrease offering timetables from weeks to days with up­to­date ethereal symbolism and exact airborne information.

Wind Turbines Inspection

Drones lie stably noticeable all around and can handle a breeze speed of up to 10 miles for each sec. Robots are ideal for both inland and seaward wind turbines. Drones assessment uncovers harms caused to wind turbine sharp edges and guarantee that fixes are completed on schedule. The utilization of drones rather than people can chop down the time requirement and costs.

Our assessment group will fly the drones to the required situation for information catch and start assessment of the rotor sharp edge. The information is put away and an on­site assessment of the condition of a breeze turbine is made. We assemble and convey custom examination models that recognize and sort the extraordinary sorts of deficiencies with high precision and speed by covering wind turbines in minutes and wind farms in hours.

Cell Tower Inspection

Drones are discovered to be successful to review and oversee cell towers for improved speed, effectiveness, security, and information on the board. Ordinary support of cell and radio pinnacles is fundamental for correspondence organizations. Before the upkeep work, a fundamental overview should be directed to figure out where to work precisely. Also, these studies are being led to decide the upkeep utilizing drones.

We have proficient drone pilots with experience in flying drones successfully. Legitimate robots, cameras, programming, and instruments are our excellent hardware to take care of business right. A real­time investigation likewise sets the best spot to introduce a pinnacle empowering a 3D displaying view utilizing drones. They help to distinguish potential climbing risks and assist assessors with understanding the apparatuses they need to convey before climbing.

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