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Welcome to TSAA Drone Academy, A Govt.of Telangana Enterprise Our Drone Academy is Govt (DGCA) approved Drone Pilot Training institute. Our flagship Drone Pilot Training Course leads to Drone Pilot Certification. Drone Pilot Certification is a must to fly any drone in India as per Govt of India regulations. Flying any drone without a Drone pilot Certification is punishable offence in India. Other than Drone Pilot Certification course, we also undertake specialized job oriented, domain specific skill courses. Filling up this form does not automatically entail admission.

Admissions are primarily on “first-come-first-served” basis, which again depends on our training capacity and logistic bandwidth, however we will strive to induct and train all eligible applicants. Our associate will reach you through phone and discuss possible training schedule plans/options.

Next Drone Data Processing & Mapping course will start from 27th May 2024. Please click here to